At Social adVentures we are made up of people who genuinely care, we want to help people and enjoy being employed to do this. This fits with Social adVentures ethos of working to help people to live healthier and happier lives.
This enables a culture of support where staff teams help each other out, look out for each other, solve problems together and celebrate success together.

We also have a culture of empowering our staff teams to make change in their part of the business. If they can see a way to make things better we don’t want to delay them! We encourage entrepreneurism and celebrate mistakes as we believe this is an important tool to learning.

We have roles available in:

  • Residential Children’s Home Manager Salford
  • Early Years Education within our Nurseries and Forest Schools (including apprenticeships)
  • Community Link Workers within our Social Prescribing Team
  • Mentoring and Volunteer Support roles within our Healthy Living Centre

We also have a number of volunteering roles which are essential in helping us to run our day to day services. Volunteering roles include:

  • Welcome Hub Assistant
  • Food Club Assistant
  • Gardening and Maintenance Assistant
  • Mini Bus Driver

Our staff retention level is 97%. This is extremely high and means that staff stay with us for a long time. The national average for staff retention is 85% or less. We also have a good record of staff returning to us after trying other roles elsewhere.

97% Staff Retention

There’s some roles where a level of qualification or experience is needed but on the whole we recruit for attitude. We look for people that are enthusiastic, caring and positive who have a can-do attitude. New skills can be picked up though our training packages, having the right attitude is the most important attribute.

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We work in caring professions where we are helping people every day. It’s really important to look after our staff teams and, to have resources available to support them when they need it.

We provide an enhanced wellbeing package that includes:

– Free counselling sessions available
– Employee interest free loan schemes
– Salary sacrifice schemes on electronics, making it easier if you need a new washer or TV!
– Enhanced external supervisions for relevant roles
– Staff wellbeing days within local teams (everything from dinners out, to team lunches to visits to the RHS in Worlsey).
– Staff socials for the whole Social adVenutres team
– 40% discounts of our nurseries and holiday clubs
– Your Birthday off work

Employee Owned

We are an employee owned organisation. This means everyone has a say in what we do and everyone has the opportunity to develop their part of the business. As an organisation we listen and value the views and ideas of our staff teams. We have a Staff Director who is appointed by the whole staff team. The Staff Director comes to our Board meetings and represents the staff teams as well as reporting back to staff on the meetings meaning everything is completely transparent.

Enhanced Training and Development

There’s lots of standard training available for the different roles from mental health first aid through to customer services. In addition to statutory training we also give every member of the team an annual training budget of £250 a year which the can pool over several years for bigger training courses. Staff have spent this on everything from yoga training through to an audible subscription.

As an employee owned company we believe it is extremely important to listen to our staff teams. We have an open door policy with Managers and Directors being very visible and approachable.

We are also part of an anonymous quarterly survey scheme called Engagement Multiplier. This gives all staff an opportunity to give feedback on how they feel we are doing as an organisation and to submit any ideas for improvement.

From this we consistently achieve an engagement score in the high 70s which is above the average for our type of organisation.