What was the situation?

MA came off drugs last year and since then, has spent most of her time in her flat. MA started coming to the Angel Centre for Food Club in November 2022. She describes her mental health at this time as terrible, often having manic episodes with her bipolar and ADHD.

What was the intervention?

MA expressed an interest in helping out in the Welcome Hub café and started volunteering with us in January 2023. We took a flexible approach to her hours as she had not been in working environment in many years. However, MA wanted to come in Mon-Fri 9am-2pm as she was up early and gave her day purpose. MA helps with the daily lunches as well as the Food Club. After MA has now completed courses in Food Hygiene level 2 and customer services.

What was the outcome?

Her mental health has greatly improved, her manic episodes are less frequent and she is more calm.

MA is taking her medications consistently, where she wasn’t before, and is now working towards cutting down her methadone and eventually a full detox.

She is very proud of herself for what she’s achieved, and her children who have never known her to work in employment, are incredibly proud of her and extremely pleased she has a reason to leave the house.