What was the situation?

M was referred to us as she was suffering from anxiety brought on by isolation.

What was the intervention?

We arranged our first 1-1 walk close to her home. On the first walk I met M in a carpark, when I got their M was stood outside her car very anxious and agitated. She told me she was having a panic attack so I told her to sit back in her car and let it pass. M started to calm down after around 5 mins and explained to me that this was the first time she had drove her car in 3 months or left the house alone without her husband. She has been off work due to stress and anxiety for this period of time and making that journey alone and driving was really scary for her and set her off into a panic.

We completed the first walk talking about her past and what had led to the stress and anxiety, she was really open about what was going on in her life and she was determined she had to get out of it. This walk was her first step of being independent again. At the end of the walk she felt good about herself and was proud of her achievement that day.

What was the outcome?

She has now been attending walks with me regularly. She had managed to attend a Doctors appointment alone. Her confidence is slowly coming back and she’s starting to regain her independence.