Meet Our Team of Directors:

Scott Darraugh BSc MSc FRSA

Scott Darraugh BSc MSc FRSA

Chief Executive

Scott Darraugh is the Chief Executive of health and wellbeing spin-out, Social adVentures. He is a leading social entrepreneur and an influential voice in the social business sector. Scott has been active in pioneering change in public health services for over 10 years. Scott was a Project Director in NHS Salford  for over eight years, delivering innovative, community based programmes to some of the UK’s most deprived neighbourhoods.

In 2010 Scott became Chief Executive of Social adVentures after leading his team of Public Health Specialists out of the NHS in Salford to create one of the country’s first NHS Social Enterprises. Since launching Social adVentures, Scott and his team have worked to diversify the business and decrease reliance on single contracts. In addition to the health and wellbeing centre, Social adVentures co-own a community garden centre, Garden Needs, and have launched a series of social enterprise childcare nurseries, Kids adVentures.

Scott has a high profile nationally and has been supporting the Cabinet Office’s public service mutualisation agenda acting as an officially appointed ‘Mutuals Ambassador’ and providing insight to the journey he and his team have embarked on through public speaking and workshop facilitation. In 2011 Scott was one of the UK’s Top 100 Young Social Entrepreneurs.

Christian Loftus BSc

Christian Loftus BSc

Business Development Director

Christian Loftus is the Business Development Director of health and wellbeing spin-out, Social adVentures.  Passionate about making change within the community healthcare sector, Christian has been instrumental in identifying new projects for Social adVentures to diversify into.

Christian has led on securing new funding streams and has driven forward the new social enterprise children’s nursery brand Kids adVentures. He also took a significant role on driving forward the launch of the UK’s first not for profit LLP, a way of working which could revolutionise the way public services are delivered in the next few years.

Before joining Social adVentures Christian owned an independent business management and marketing consultancy. He is a member of the National Social Marketing Centre and holds a degree in Industrial Management. Christian was the Director of OWM, a private recycling and waste management firm based in Cheshire for seven years and was previously Head of Marketing for a homewares distribution company.

Kate Simpson

Kate Simpson

Service Director

Kate leads on the delivery and promotion of all services and is the strategic lead for all marketing and communications activity across the organisation.

A former business journalist and communications specialist, Kate has worked across the private sector and is the former chair of a Manchester autism Charity.


Dr Stephen Young


Dr Stephen Young is the Chairman of Social adVentures and has worked in Mental Health services in Salford for over three decades. He was instrumental in setting up the Angel Centre, a ground breaking Healthy Living Centre on Chapel Street.  Some ten years after its launch Steve returned in 2011 to become Chair of the board of Social adVentures in 2011. He has been instrumental in overseeing the development of Social adVentures into a multi-award winning social enterprise.

Stephen is a Learning and Development Consultant with a varied portfolio of work across the health, social care and voluntary sector.  A nurse by profession, Stephen has worked mainly in the field of mental health as a senior manager and clinician with extensive experience of project management, working with local communities and working with statutory organisations in innovative ways.

He’s a Registered Mental Nurse (RMN), a Registered General Nurse (RGN) and holds a PhD and MSC by Action Learning and Research.

Social adVentures could not have achieved the amazing outcomes we have accomplished without Steve’s passion for local people.  Steve’s stewardship of the board has created a sustainable vibrant social purpose organisation, one that’s growing and has massive aspirations for the future of the local community.