• Social Adventures team has recently donated blankets, first aid kits, toiletries, and food parcels to volunteers delivering the goods to the front lines in Ukraine.
  • Recently our team have been given an opportunity to deliver various Health Improvement Funded activities within the Bury community! We are so happy to report that our
    events have been well received and we hope to eventually expand and continue our work with Bury! Thank you to everyone who has got involved in making these sessions happen!!
  • In hopes of encouraging our community to clean up, recycle and be respectful of our shared green spaces the Food Collective team has pledged to participate in the ‘Keep Britain Tidy’
    spring cleaning initiative! Want to get involved? Follow the news on our social media to get more information about the project!
  • Angel Centre is once again organizing some exciting trips for our community! Coming up is our trip to Bridgemere Garden Centre & Nantwich Market on 7th April! Only £14 per person!
  • Food Collective has recently decided to collaborate with Jack from ‘Tendrils Farms’ to deliver our community fresh microgreens! ‘Tendril Farms’ is a vertical farming project born in one of the Salford community member’s garage. Vertical farming is a method of growing food that uses no herbicides or pesticides, 90% less land, and up to 99% less water than traditional agriculture. Furthermore, Jack is able to harvest the crops and hand-deliver them on the same day meaning that the nutrient content of the greens is as high as possible and this is reflected in their taste! Make sure to stop by the shop to try it out!
  • P.S. Don’t forget to secure your place at the Easter Bonnet parade coming up at Kids Adventures Salford 15th April!