Recently we have overcome a significant milestone at Social adVentures by bringing together the young and the senior to share a fun afternoon together. This is a project that we have wanted to trial for some time and following this initial success we hope to do more of it in 2016.

Children from our Kids adVentures nurseries joined care home residents at The Angel Centre (a Social adVentures centre) for a joint interactive session.

The children and older people came together to enjoy a musical afternoon, all sat round in a circle and the children sang songs. As the afternoon went on everyone got involved, the children taught the older people the song actions and all were participating in music and movement activities.

The benefit of this kind of interaction was plain to see for both groups and there has been some research into this area citing much success. Take for example, this Seattle example where a nursery scheme ran alongside a care home with amazing results.

In our first joint afternoon at The Angel Centre, the children went home full of stories with some asking to spend more time with grandparents. A little boy who is usually very shy came out of his shell and was sharing funny anecdotes with his new friends. The older people went back to the care home uplifted and happy as they had engaged with the youngsters and had taken part in an activity.

Speaking about the project, Emma Smith, Service Director at Social adVentures said,  “the level of engagement achieved exceeded all of our expectations. This was something we have wanted to do for a while so it is fantastic to see it working well.  This is a culmination of Social adVentures organisations joint working, bringing together The Angel Centre and Kids adVentures to achieve great human results.”

The team’s plan to hold more of these sessions in the future as following the event both parents and care home staff have shown lots of interest in more interactive activities across the ages.


The Angel Centre is a healthy living centre in Salford.  Run by Social adVentures its aim is to inspire local people of all ages to lead healthier and happier lives.

Kids adVentures is a group of nurseries run by Social adVentures.  These are not for profit, family feel nurseries.  Care is provided in small groups incorporating fun, education,  movement and imagination. LINK