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Social adVentures is led by a group of social entrepreneurs who are experienced in growing social businesses and maximising their impact. Experienced in creating the right messaging and culture to a drive organisations forward, the team has led and advised on the set up of many social businesses and social innovation projects.

The team are business spin out experts and specialise in Organisation Change and Social Business Change and offer a number of practical consultancy packages, services and workshops. These have been designed to help other social businesses, commissioners and investors benefit from the knowledge that we have gained from designing and operating award winning social businesses.

Organisation Change

Social Change

We’ve been through massive organisational changes ourselves and we’ve consequently helped others to do so.

We spun out from being part of the NHS in 2011, have bought private businesses into the group and have led on complex partnerships.

We offer team workshops and inspirational storytelling along with in-depth and open Q&A sessions.

Read more about the Organisational Change Services we provide HERE


We are social change experts helping organisations and local people create the change they want. We don’t just talk about making changes we are the change makers and social innovators making things happen today so that people have the tools they need to be inspired to lead healthy and happy lives.

Whether we do this through creating highly engaged employee owned public services or through co-producing local campaigns that change people’s lives we have the social innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders to help you and your teams to make a better world.

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Speaking, Mentoring, Workshops and Consultancy

Social adVentures is made up of a hand-picked team of experts brought together from the public sector, private sector and employee owned arena. All are entrepreneurs and bring different experiences and expertise for a rounded view. We’re passionate about making change and love to share what we’ve learnt along the way with others. We’re known for making things happen and enjoy coming up with new ways to solve organisational problems.

So if you need some inspiration, to get a different view or some help making a change get in touch.

Our Speakers and Workshop Leaders:

Scott Darraugh, Chief Executive, Social adVentures & Mutuals' Ambassador

Scott has a high profile nationally, he is a leading social entrepreneur and an influential voice in the social business sector. Scott has been active in pioneering change in public health services for over 10 years. He was a Project Director in NHS Salford for over eight years before leading the team to ‘spin-out’ to create one of the country’s first NHS social enterprises – Social adVentures. Scott is the Chief Executive of Social adVentures – you can read more about him here.


Christian Loftus, Business Development Director, Social adVentures

Christian joined Social adVentures with an extremely strong commercial and entrepreneurial background. He is passionate about delivering change in the public sector and has experience of making a difference efficiently and effectively. Christian has been a leading voice in changing perceptions about social enterprises particularly within the finding sector.

Christian is the Business Development Director at Social adVentures – you can read more about him here.


Kate Simpson, Marketing Manager, Social adVentures

Kate is a former business journalist, a seasoned presenter and a marketing specialist. An expert in working with business leaders and employees to identify key messaging, Kate uses interview and workshop skills to tease out the key messages. She formulates the brand position and then teaches organisations how to reach and make an impact with target audiences. Its a formula that works. Kate has worked across both the public and private sector to help organisations reach their true potential.

Kate is the Marketing Manager at Social adVentures



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What do people say about us?:

Chris McBride, Policy and Public Affairs Manager, Social Investment Business

“Scott is an expert in his field and his story is inspiring for all social business leaders. Hearing Scott talk about Social Adventures it is obvious why the organisation has gone from strength to strength.”

“Christian is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker whose wealth of experience shines through. His enthusiasm and dedication to his work is obvious for all to see.”

Andrew Laird, Director, Mutual Ventures

“Scott is one of the leading public service entrepreneurs in the UK. He is one of those rare individuals who combines an incredibly innovative mind with a very engaging and easy going speaking style. He always inspires his audience with real life stories and challenges them to think differently.”


To find out more about the areas we can speak on, provide workshops on and areas that we consult in get in touch.

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Tel: 0161 8330495