Social adVentures is a wellbeing social enterprise specialising in public health and social care contracts that run alongside social businesses – such as garden centres, community cafes and, childcare nurseries.

Our aims

We inspire people to change their behaviour by using innovative, evidence based interventions. Our unique integrated wellbeing pathway takes referrals from a variety of healthcare professionals to support positive change.


The Social Return on Investment (SROI) evaluation found that there is a £10 return for every £1 invested for the services that we are providing.

How far have we come?

We ‘spun out of NHS Salford’ to become one of the country’s first public service mutuals in 2011.
Since then we have increased our turnover by four times, increased employee numbers from ten to 40 and we now offer 3 times as many services to over 1000 local members.

How we are different

We are pioneering change every day.
A social organisation, employee owned and led by business minded entrepreneurs, we are active in constantly improving the way in which public services are delivered.
We recognise the difficulties and changes that commissioners are facing and we are pioneering new ways to address this that both meets budgetary constraints and improves the lives of the people we work with.

£10 Return for Every £1 Invested

We offer 3x more services

than we did in the NHS & at no extra cost.


Turnover Growth in 14/15

The Angel Centre is a hub where Salford people can access a wide variety of free and subsidised activities, courses and services.


Garden Needs is a community garden centre set in the heart of the Salford community which aims to connect people with nature and inspire them to lead healthier and happier lives.


Kids adVentures is Bury’s first social enterprise led childcare nurseries, Kids adVentures provides high standards of childcare incorporating fun, learning, movement and imagination.


the angel centre salford

New Roots is a unique partnership of Salford social enterprises working together to develop person centred programmes of activities and courses for people with an early diagnosis of dementia through to people living in care homes.

Being Well is a social prescribing service which employs Being Well Coaches to help Salford people to make positive changes in their lives. This is a partnership of organisations that Social adVentures is part of.


The Health and Wellbeing LLP  is a new way of delivering public services, led by Social adVentures it brings together nine organisations to create the first ever social enterprise LLP.

Comprised of public service spin-outs and local charities, the Health and Wellbeing LLP has been forged to meet the ever increasing move towards ‘macro-commissioning’. This new circa £33M organisation is ideally placed to compete in the new commissioning landscape.


Talking Social – News

Great Results Achieved from Combining Elder and Younger Care

Great Results Achieved from Combining Elder and Younger Care

Recently we have overcome a significant milestone at Social adVentures by bringing together the young and the senior to share a fun afternoon together. This is a project that we have wanted to trial for some time and following this initial success we hope to do more...

Delivering Public Health Differently

Delivering Public Health Differently

With George Osborne making around £20m of public sector cuts and £200m already taken out of public health spending what is the future of public health going to look like? With health inequalities growing, increased demand on acute services and a reduction in social...

Our Progress

From Annual Report 2013/14 – “Over the last year we have seen the steady growth of Social Adventures, underpinned by purposeful strategic objectives and targets, which explained how we would continue to “make the world a happier and healthier place to live.” I am delighted to say that we fulfilled the commitments in that plan, focusing on and improving the public health of people who used our services… Our challenge for this next year is to deliver our strategy for growth which will allow us to expand our services across a larger geographical area.”

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Scott Darraugh BSc MSc FRSA

Scott Darraugh BSc MSc FRSA

Chief Executive

Scott Darraugh is the Chief Executive of health and wellbeing spin-out, Social adVentures. He is a leading social entrepreneur and an influential voice in the social business sector. Scott has been active in pioneering change in public health services for over 10 years. Scott was a Project Director in NHS Salford  for over eight years, delivering innovative, community based programmes to some of the UK’s most deprived neighbourhoods.

In 2010 Scott became Chief Executive of Social adVentures after leading his team of Public Health Specialists out of the NHS in Salford to create one of the country’s first NHS Social Enterprises. Since launching Social adVentures, Scott and his team have worked to diversify the business and decrease reliance on single contracts. In addition to the health and wellbeing centre, Social adVentures co-own a community garden centre, Garden Needs, and have launched a series of social enterprise childcare nurseries, Kids adVentures.

Scott has a high profile nationally and has been supporting the Cabinet Office’s public service mutualisation agenda acting as an officially appointed ‘Mutuals Ambassador’ and providing insight to the journey he and his team have embarked on through public speaking and workshop facilitation. In 2011 Scott was one of the UK’s Top 100 Young Social Entrepreneurs.

Nathan Malam FSc

Nathan Malam FSc

Director of Finance and Operations

Nathan joined Social adVentures after ten years of working in a local authority specialising in programme and project management.

Since joining the team, Nathan has worked with the Social adVentures Central Business Unit to develop their the skills and knowledge. These improvements have ensured that business is financially robust.

Nathan’s biggest achievements to date are helping Social adVenture to win the SE100 RBS Growth Champion award and being shortlisted as a finalist for the Finance for the Future awards.

Nathan is committed to ensuring Social adVentures becomes a thriving social enterprise that makes a difference to the communities in which it operates.

Christian Loftus BSc

Christian Loftus BSc

Business Development Director

Christian Loftus is the Business Development Director of health and wellbeing spin-out, Social adVentures.  Passionate about making change within the community healthcare sector, Christian has been instrumental in identifying new projects for Social adVentures to diversify into.

Christian has led on securing new funding streams and has took a significant role in driving forward the launch of the UK’s first not for profit LLP, a way of working which could revolutionise the way public services are delivered in the next few years.

Before joining Social adVentures Christian owned an independent business management and marketing consultancy. He is a member of the National Social Marketing Centre and holds a degree in Industrial Management. Christian was the Director of OWM, a private recycling and waste management firm based in Cheshire for seven years and was previously Head of Marketing for a homewares distribution company.

Emma Smith MSc

Emma Smith MSc

Service Director

Emma wants to inspire Salford residents to improve their health and wellbeing by embracing sustainable living. Re-connecting to nature allows people to slow down, turn the mobile off and smell the flowers!

Before working in Salford, Emma developed, fundraised, established and ran a ground breaking social enterprise in Manchester that diverted waste from landfill and produced a compost to feed the soils of Manchester.

Emma has a Masters’ degree in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development and a degree in Human Geography.

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